New Event in Asunción. La Cooperación universitaria entre Europa y Paraguay, los proyectos Erasmus+ gestionados por Universidades italianas

The Fundacion Eurosur, as part of the dissemination activities of the Erasmus CBHE projects in which it participates, has organized for the 4th of September 2019, with the support and patronage of the Italian Embassy in Paraguay, an event that aims to promote the mutual knowledge of tools, practices and results that the three Erasmus projects, activated with our support in Paraguay have produced and are producing.

This is the agenda.

Seminar: Relationship between Italy and Argentina: institutions, cooperation, economic dialogue

10 June 2019 – Sala degli Atti Parlamentari  – Biblioteca del Senato “Giovanni Spadolini” – Piazza della Minerva, 38 –  Roma IT

The meeting was organized by the Argentine embassy in Rome, Fundacion Eurosur and the Interparliamentary Friendship Group Italia-Argentina.

Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo was invited to present experience and results of the UMETECH Project.

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UMETECH Final Meeting

UMETECH Final Meeting was held in the Istituto Italiano di Cultura  in Buenos Aires, on the 24-26 March 2019.
The 3-days meeting gathered all the project partners to share the final status of the project, final activities, reporting, dissemination events.
On the evening of the 24th, was organized a public reception with presentation of the results to the authorities and press.

Dissemination is here!

Finally, our dissemination section is populated by a lot of important contents and information!
The dissemination is one of the most important topic in projects such as UMETECH where the precious results are communicated to the interested communities, also through our newsletter. Making the UMETECH project and the activities carried out known by such communities can stimulate new realities to develop projects and similar themes with the aim of enriching and enhancing the territorial cultural heritage.

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UNIFI @OIDs – logbook


11 -12 June – Itapua
In the first morning in Encarnación (Paraguay) we had a meeting with the students of the University of Itapua. In the afternoon we visited the Jesuit mission of santissima trinidad (enthusiastic guide, nice company). Finally for dinner, a VIP restaurant with songs and dances!





On June 12th the Itapua University held the first OID. Baecchi and Ferracani from Unifi talked about NEMECH (new media for Cultural Heritage) and the staff form Itapua presented the app to recognize the photos of the mission above. Then, the competence center was inaugurated.





13 June OID – Misiones 
The friendly staff from Misiones showed us the competence center: they developed three interesting applications: the first with the dumbbells for immersive virtual reality, the mobile application, which is also immersive, allows you to navigate between 3D views of the same mission, pointing to interactive areas through the movement of the phone. Then there was an application to reconstruct three-dimensional objects by scanning.








In the afternoon e long way to get to the charming mission Misión Jesuítica Santa María La Mayor.

OIDs have come!

The Open Innovation Days (OIDs) are going to start today and will be held in Paraguay and Argentina. OIDs are conceived as UMETECH informative events and promotional activities of services, tools and technologies applicable in the cultural heritage sector, mainly targeting local businesses and the tourism sector in the ICT sector, professors and researchers, ICT technicians experts, local tour operators. All the LA and EU partners will join the event that will take place in these days.

Stay tuned!


Politehnica University of Bucharest meets UIGV

UIGV met the  UMETECH representatives from Politehnica University of Bucharest: they will supervise the project that includes the development and implementation of a web and mobile platform to revalue the cultural heritage of the historic center of Lima.

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For the first time since the beginning of the UMETECH Project, MICC (University of Florence) visited UNE  (Universidad nacional del Este) in Pataguay,  to assess the status of the work.
In that occasion we held together two productive meetings that greatly helped the project both from the technical and amministrative point of view. We also discussed about possible ideas for future work, for which the development will be followed by means of online meetings. The overall experience was very good and satisfying, also thanks to the the warm welcome we received.